Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hello Everyone!!

Thanksgiving was a COMPLETE fail on my end. Sad day!

I attempted making the pie, that ending up in the garbage!! Then I get some motivation and just made a dairy free pie and leave the crust alone. That at least resembled a edible pie but still didn't taste "right". I have some ideas to try next time, but am just too upset with myself at this point it will have to wait.

The pie issues kinda ruined my whole weekend, but I do have to say both my mom and my boyfriends mom did make some delicious food, I am thankful I have many caring people in my life that know how to lift me back up.

On to DECEMBER!!! I have been making chocolate covered EVERYTHING!!

I bought a huge container of pretzels, and when I say huge,,,, I'm talking 44oz huge!! I also bought some peanuts and like 10 bags of almond bark!! I have almost half of the pretzels done, 3 gallon bags full!! I also just experimented with the peanuts, I have never made peanut clusters before but have always loved them! I tried just plain peanut clusters, I tried mixing in some marshmallows, and I tried adding some peanut butter in with the white almond bark. All turned out very good!! I am also going to make some Oreo truffles, and some haystacks. I was also introduced to those Ritz cracker/peanut butter sandwich things dipped in chocolate... I may have to try those also!! 

Any of you have any great holiday treats you HAVE to make every year??

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