Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Happenings!!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful fall weather!! I love this time of year, the white stuff (snow) can wait to make an appearance for a few weeks yet. I love this weather for cleaning and getting things organized. The house isn't too hot, I can burn candles and the smell of cinnamon is always around! I have been trying to slowly get my parents house ready for the holidays by cleaning and fixing on the weekends... this weekend is busy with craft fairs and shopping for Thanksgiving so I really hope I can get the house cleaned in time for Thanksgiving dinner on Friday!

The past 2 weekends I was deer hunting with my dad and my brothers, this was my 9th year of hunting and as always, I loved every moment in the woods! This is the only time I ever really have one-on-one contact with my brothers or my dad. I usually do all my communicating with the females in the family. Here is a pic of the Buck my boyfriend shot! It was his second year hunting and this is his first deer!!

I have been helping with fixing tractors and washing since harvest got done so early, we have time to get everything put away properly.. for once!! I have been able to learn how to drive almost everything on the farm, but this is my favorite - a little ford tractor!!
 I will be posting as much as possible the next few weeks, I have lots of recipes and workouts that I have finally perfected or figured out to share with you all!!

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