Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Time!!!!

Fall just keeps getting better and better!! Besides the beautiful colors and activities, the holidays that follow fall are the best!!

Halloween is a time for little kids to dress up and for one short night.... their dreams come true when they get to pretend to be their favorite TV person, hero, or animal! I love seeing my nieces and nephews all dressed up fighting eachother for candy. It is a great sight!!

Since Halloween is on Wednesday this year, that means that this weekend was when most people had their traditional Halloween/costume parties. I had the opportunity to take part in two parties this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday evening. I also had two separate "costumes" since I am a cheap college student, and don't live by any costume stores, I decided to get creative with the clothes I already had since the two costumes I did have were being borrowed by friends. The first night I was a cowgirl, which was easy since I have boots, jeans, a button-up shirt, and a hat. The next night was a bit more challenging!! I ended up taking my old NAPA auto parts shirts and created a "NAPA girl" outfit.

I thought it was a very successful weekend!!

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