Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Eat Wednesday!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope everyone's week is flying by as fast as mine is, with things picking up at work and also with school... the days are coming and going faster then I realize!

First off..... I am COMPLETELY excited for tomorrow when I get to go home, pick up my boyfriend, and go to an Eric Church, Kip Moore, and Justin Moore concert!! My man has never been to a concert so I got him these tickets for his birthday!! I might just be more excited then he is - he will understand once we get there!!

Okay - so im going to give you all a little preview of what I eat in a regular weekday - please do not judge, Im just simply giving examples of the foods that my body works well off of.

Breakfast - before work I prepare something easy, usually an egg of some sort for a protein boost to get me up and going. Here is what I have been having a lot of lately - scrambled eggs with a large farm fresh tomato

Morning snack - usually a handfull of grapes, carrot sticks, or some un-salted almonds

Lunch - for the last few weeks I have been making enough supper each night so that I have lunch the next day, it has worked out GREAT!!

Afternoon snack - I usually don't eat a snack in the afternoon unless i get real hungary or if I know Im going to do an intense workout in the evening, examples of what I have is a rice cake, graham crackers, or an apple.

Dinner - This is my favorite meal because I have been doing alot of experimentation lately!! My obsession lately is baked potatoes made in the oven at 400°F for 20-25 min or until tender or.... zucchini julienne sliced and cooked with a tad of olive oil or butter just untill tender!! Delicious!! In this pic I have dill weed/onion baked chicken with some zucchini in a tsp. of alfrado sauce.  YUMM healified chicken alfrado!!

So, there are some examples of my eating habits - I have been really trying to keep my diet clean and healthy with minimal sodium, sugar, gluten, or dairy. I have been very happy with my results the past few weeks!


  1. I have to say I have also been eating a lot of fresh tomatoes this season. What a great year it has been for them to grow.

  2. Your dishes look really good. I would eat your dishes except for the tomatoes. I have some bad experiences as a child eating tomatoes that I just do not like them. I have been eating healthy now because my mom's cholesterol level was very high so the doctor suggested a diet and instead of having to cook different meals, I told her to cook her diet for the whole family.

  3. Your meals look delicious! I am a huge fan of tomatoes and zucchini. I admire that you choose your meals so wisely and are conscious about what goes into your body- plus the pictures are fun to look at! Hope you had a great time at the concert!