Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello Everyone!!

It is finally October, my favorite month of the year!! Its the unofficial beginning of fall, I never feel like it is fall till October. It is also now 4th quarter so in banking terms.... my job now SUCKS!! Also, I now don't feel so bad about making pumpkin desserts because with holloween coming its not too early anymore :)

I also usually love October because its "harvest" month... but that is not the case this year as we are now done with harvest... before October... that is a new record in my books!!! Yep, we have all of our crops out of the fields and dry!! Soo crazy!! The only field work that has to be done is disc ripping and spreding fertilizer on the bean ground so we have proper nutrients in the ground for the corn crop that will be plated there next year.

I got to ride in the tractor with the boyfriend lastnight, we were working on disc ripping one of his fields by a lake and to our suprise, we were not alone in that field!! We were working on the headlands (ends of the field) when I noticed a deer in the field with us!! I have been deer hunting many years now so obviously I needed to get closer, it turned out to be a 10 point buck and to say the least I got a little excited!! Even though the deer hunting season is a whole month away... I am ready right now!!

The final, and maybe best part of this whole weekend/first day of October, is the passangers I had in my car when I left the farm... my mother gave me tons of things from her garden including tomatoes, a HUGE zucchini and 5 of my Favorite squash!! YUMM

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