Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Fun/Kiddos

Hello Everyone!!

 Hope you have all had time to go to the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard, this is a wonderful time of year!! This weekend I had to babysit my 4 year old niece and my 11 year old nephew. ..Yippy, those kids really know how to drive me crazy!!

We did everything from going out to eat Chinese, going to the movie theater to see Ice Age 4, and carving pumpkins (more on that tomorrow!) My niece is a real girly girl, so there was a lot of nail painting and make up! My nephew is older and “too cool” to do anything fun, ugh!! I miss the days he use to let me paint is nails and make him look pretty too!! Ha

This weekend I did get away from the kids to have a date night with the boyfriend, his grandparents, his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend. I have known their family much longer then my boyfriend and I have been together, so it was a very fun evening.

 I also happened to get in the cleaning mood…. This really doesn’t happen often on the weekends! I ended up cleaning and vacuuming out my car and trunk, and then made my way to clean my mother’s bathroom and kitchen spotless. I usually only clean for holidays, but I guess this will make my holiday cleaning a bit easier since I am getting a head start.

Back to school/work tomorrow, graduation cannot come soon enough!! T-minus 6 months!!!

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  1. Ha! So funny you posted this today... On Saturday, my husband and I stopped at a pick-your-own-pumpkin place and found "the perfect one." I think it would have been way more fun with a little person tagging along.